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Japan Day 2018 Centenary Edition

Posted in Things to do in Cape Town

Location: Oude Libertas Slow Market, Stellenbosch

Date: 17 March 2018

Up until this point I had never heard of the Oude Libertas Slow Market in Stellenbosch, let alone “Japan Day” but it was an event that popped up on my girlfriend’s Facebook feed and it looked like fun so we decided to go.

As I understand it, the Oude Libertas Slow Market is a regular event that happens every weekend.  Essentially a ‘Farmer’s Market’, the Slow Market is populated by a plethora of stalls offering craft beer, artisanal breads, a melting pot of international foods and various craft stalls selling handmade jewelry, art and so forth.

In between all this was the Japan Day festivities, which for the most part occupied the amphitheater as well as the upper levels of the market place.

A demonstration by the JKA Karate Dojo was first up on the amphitheater itinerary.

SA JKA Karate flyer, if anyone is interested in further information.

Unfortunately the audio isn’t the greatest and I didn’t have time to clean it up, however, it’s still nice to see the demonstration in action.

Other demonstrations that would follow included Aikido, archery, Sushi making, Kenjutsu as well as cosplay (a rapidly growing culture in Cape Town), but we only stuck around for some of the Karate and archery.  The archery club has a total of 6 members I believe – 5 in Brackenfell and 1 in Hermanus.

Some more of the Slow Market stalls: