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Month: February 2018

Log a ticket! #009 | 2018-02-16

Posted in LOG A TICKET! ~ Web Comic

There’s a bit of a back story to this one – my girlfriend and I have both read Ernest Cline’s Ready Player One and now we’re listening to the audio book (read by Wil Wheaton) and after telling her that I’d like to watch all the movies mentioned in the book (I’ve watched most of them already but there’s a few obscure titles lurking in there too), she exclaimed that she would like to play the games.

Now, while the Atari era games were before my time, the NES ones were the games I started out with as a kid so we decided to play Joust.  Joust is not an easy game so imagine my surprise when my beloved managed to outlast me (I kept getting killed or just flew into lava), all the while having never played a NES game before…anyway, we played Snow Bros and Bubble Bobble afterwards and this little adventure is what inspired this week’s strip.